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The Dull List of Life Experience

Born in Beijing, China, 1992

Played the piano since age 4

Studied music theory @ Central Conservatory of Music from age 7

Became a choir member @ Kangleli (Beijing Arts Festival Gold Award Winner) at age 7-12 

See more early experience in music >>>

Studied studio art since age 14

Went to school in the U.S., 2009 (Wasatch Academy, 2009; School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2010)

Took part in several art events in Rome, Beijing, HongKong, 2008 - 2020 See the list of art events and works >>>

Worked in several different areas during 2014 - 2017 (Translating, graphic and interior designing, art event hosting, club managing, educational project designing and managing, and international relationship managing for industrial projects)

Teaching art, music, English, history & social science since 2017 

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Living in Italy since 2020

Writing music and scoring since 2020

Published album: Exile, 2022

Published soundtrack album:

Music for the motion picture: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, 2022

See more composing works >>>

Studying MSc Psychology @ University of Essex, 2022


  • Compose orchestral and folk styled music, building in historical and cultural elements, combining multi-layered instruments (from those ancient ones to those of the modern-day)

  • Precisely capture sentiments of people, story, environment and characters

  • Fast familiar with material and medium (art materials, musical instruments, software and tools...)

  • Psychological analysation

  • Diligent searcher, sharp observer

  • Compassionate and comprehensive

  • Strive to maintain authentic and distinctive, detest "normality"

  • Language: Mandarin, English, Italian


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