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The word Education to me has a different meaning from how social conventions often interpret it. Rather than skills or proof of competence, I focus more on mental status. Compassion and sensibility are the origins of the motivation that may guide a person through the rough path of learning and growing, untiringly seeking, in order to achieve a slice of happiness. I, therefore, named it: unacademic education.

I focus on self-determination and autonomy, critical thinking and openness of mind. Rather than teaching, I intend to create an environment of respect with acceptance and notions that might be lacking in their lives; an environment that cultivates emotions and self-recognition, which differs from traditional systematic education that preys on repetition, obedience and conforming.


In addition to music and art, subjects of social science, psychology, philosophy, history, and culture studies also interest me. Since 2017 I have organised various educational activities. Most of them took place in my studio space in Beijing and online since the pandemic. I designed courses, hosted activities for groups of children, teenagers and adults, and helped a number of students to be admitted to European and American universities.

Thank you kids, for helping me become human again.


Explore Art Zone & Ruins of Beijing

SummerTime @ Riverside

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
- Artshow & Collection


- Halloween Musical Party

MISFITS! - StreetArt Experience

Country Gospel
- Music Panel

Christmas Gathering

StudioArt: Highlight Moments

 Celtic Experience

Teepee, Woodwork & DIY

Cardboard Castle

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