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2008 Flying Solo, Zuiku Wine Talk (Club), Beijing, China (Solo Art Exhibition)

2009 Flaying Solo, Beijing National Day School, Beijing, China (Solo Art Exhibition)

2010 Performance with pianist Lang Lang at Beijing TV Station

2012 A Man in the Mist Art Forum, Beijing, China

2012 Back From Paris, Hongkong Cultural Center, Hongkong

2013 Sulla Strada Per Roma, Tra le Volte (gallery), Rome, Italy (Solo Art Exhibition)

2014 BIAC Art Forum, Beijing, China

2014 When East meets West-China & Italy Art Exhibition, Beiheyan (Club) Beijing, China

2015 Dali & New Artists, CBD showroom, Beijing, China

2020 L'arte si mostra, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome, Italy

Prison of all beings is an iPad drawing series I started in 2022. I'll keep updating pictures and videos on this page and my YouTube channel.

Beyond Star River

Three characters emerge from a setting of an unknown nature environment, an old man who's weary; a young man who's energetic; and a spiritual kind of figure between them. Together they form a trinity that performs a mental progress: In times of exhaustion and despair, one low down the body, finds comfort, and with a new strength to be found, one may continue the journey...

Figures and images have left me a clue. With it, through growth, I’ve been able to trace it down to a better understanding of the origin of my motives. Rather than expression, I begin to find painting a discovery. Each piece is built up by thousands of delicate decisions, through which pieces of myself, pieces of world that’s reflected in myself emerge, unreserved, uncovered, they are revealed to me and to anyone. In the end, it is a great thing to see the choice I’ve made and the wishes I hold toward life, toward world and humanity...


Throughout the frustrating sights

Deep within darkness surrounding

Disappointing and exhausting

Broken and twisted.

Yet still, there it is 

A little point of blue light

As how I see it.

I wish to dedicate the love for a child

To the world

For the sake of its treasurable hope...

Luce Blu

I started this series with a painting named Embrace. It shows a fervent dance of a young woman in a red dress which shaped like a rose and a figure of death. They dance in embrace, as love and fear intertwined. It opened the series based on the thoughts: the true confronting to fear begins at the acceptance of death, by the greatness of love...

Dance of death

Through all my choices I can see the very thing that makes me who I am. It is far beyond my notion, an origin of awareness, a source of energy, where all things come from, pieces of a big universe and also me. Now I am among them existing, all as one. And it tells me, I am everything...

I am everything

Through the spread of life

Notions and discoveries

World keeps changing

Performing the enormous yet delicate

Circulation of energy...

ALI 09_2014.jpg
ALI 03_2013.jpg
ALI 04_2013.jpg
ALI 06_2013.jpg

The fervent love and painful hatred have all turned into a river flowing beneath the ground. All the people spread on earth have scattered like dark red petals among into the archaic city. The bell tolled. Faraway in the forgotten crevice between rocks, full of thistles and thorns, a rose bloomed in its pride under the moonlight...

River & Rose

Three persons enter into their characters. They represent all the colors there can be to make up a piece  of image. And they also everything, every complexity that makes up our world. They are the visions that we cannot cross beyond, courses or ends that we cannot foresee. Numberless of us being inside of it, like rings circling around, like fire transforming energy, at last end up as who we are...

ALI 15_2012.jpg
ALI 16_2012.jpg
ALI 17_2012.jpg

Once again I set up the sails at the lonesome sea. I saw my reflection in the dark water, such truthfulness has nowhere else to be found. As the thoughts bringing back the world into my mind, there’s no victory or success for an enriched life, but only content and happiness...

ALI 05_2012.jpg
ALI 06_2012.jpg
ALI 08_2012.jpg
ALI 01_2012.jpg
ALI 03_2012.jpg
ALI 04_2012.jpg

Who were enslaved by the artificial rules

Who vegetated under the force of nature

Who acclaimed the pretension of triumph

Who headed into the penalty of redemption

Who stagnated in the turbulent world

While who marched in the static space?

Man in the mist
My mind is filled with the melody. I close my eyes and see the streets with raindrops flowing in the air, people walking by quickly holding the umbrellas that cover their heads. The sound of water splashing and the sound of footsteps echoing between stonewalls and pavement. Fog blurs the city and the shades of lights...
ALI 33_2011_edited.jpg
ALI 20_2011.jpg
ALI 21_2011.jpg
ALI 24_2011.jpg
Night has fallen, world has turned to the shape we imagined. A strange affecting has taken over the night. Vulnerable souls were drifting along destiny. Forgotten senses were weaken by the fervent heart, blood running through the body, everything before eyes has changed. No more lingering in the emptiness of splendor, no longer preserve the pretended semblance, we settle at where ever it may be in the boundless world in mind. Sparks burst in the sky, lightened the lonesome night...
Lonely Gypsy
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